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ARIA is conducting a sale of a special type of NFTs called “Access Keys” that will initially be issued in two (2) different editions, “Black” and “Platinum”, each of which will be associated with different rarity and benefit levels, all as further described in these terms and conditions (the “Access Key Terms”). 

Access Keys, and your use and acceptance of Access Keys, are governed by these Access Key Terms, the ARIA Exchange Supplemental Terms of Service (“ARIA Supplemental TOS”), the Infinite Terms of Service and the privacy policy available here (collectively, the “Terms”).  Words capitalized but not defined in these Access Key Terms have the definitions given in the ARIA Supplemental TOS.  By purchasing and using an Access Key, you affirmatively agree to be bound by and abide by all of the Terms. The Terms may change from time to time in ARIA’s sole discretion and it is up to you review the current Terms.  If you violate any of the Terms, in addition to all other available remedies, you may be deemed ineligible to purchase, receive or continue to use any Access Keys. Any information collected by ARIA in connection with the purchase or resale of Access Keys is also subject to the privacy policy available here.

Use Period & Expiration Date of Access Keys:

For a limited time, ARIA will sell a limited number of Black and Platinum Access Keys.  Access Keys are NFTs that may be used to get access to certain events and opportunities offered by ARIA during a specified period of time – like digital tickets.  Each Access Key, once purchased, may be used to access events and opportunities until its “Expiration Date”.  ARIA has initially determined that the Expiration Date for both Black and Platinum Access Keys will be one year from launch date, regardless of when the Access Key is purchased.  ARIA reserves the right to extend the Expiration Date of the Access Keys to a later date, which extension will be made by posting an update to these Access Key Terms here on the ARIA Exchange.  The period of time between the purchase of an Access Key and its Expiration Date is called its “Use Period”.

Benefits of Access Keys:

The specific benefits associated with ownership of any Black or Platinum Access Key (respectively) is as follows:

Black Access Keys

Platinum Access Keys

The specific features of the benefits described herein have not yet been determined and are subject to change in ARIA’s sole discretion.  NFTs provided without further charge to Access Pass holders will be from limited edition collections, but may not be limited solely to Access Pass holders (e.g. such NFTs may be made available for purchase to the public in limited numbers). Any purchaser of an Access Key of either level acknowledges and agrees that the NFTs, events, opportunities and benefits accessible with such Access Key are not known at the time of purchase and they may be changed by ARIA in its sole discretion.  ARIA makes no (and hereby disclaims all) representation, warranty or other promise regarding the number or value of events and opportunities accessible via any Access Key.

When ARIA determines that a particular NFT, event, opportunity or other benefit will be made accessible with an Access Key, ARIA will notify holders of Access Keys either by posting a notice to the holder’s ARIA User account, by posting a notice on the ARIA Exchange website, by sending an email to the email address of the person who ARIA reasonably believes currently holds the Access Pass or other reasonable means.  Access Pass holders are responsible for monitoring these communications.  Some benefits will be made accessible only for a limited time and ARIA will not provide any replacement benefit for benefits that are not timely accessed.

Purchase Dates for Access Keys – Notice and Start Time:  The Black and Platinum Access Keys are expected to be made available for purchase on ARIA Exchange commencing June 1, 2022 (the “Start Time”) and ending June 22, 2022 (“End Time”).  However, ARIA reserves the right to change the Start Time and the End time.  ARIA plans to send a notice of the actual Start Date via email to all persons who have signed up for ARIA’s mailing list (also called the “wait list”) either by submitting their email address to Aria through the ARIA Exchange website or by electing to join ARIA’s email list when signing up for a User account.  In order to purchase an Access Key, you must be a registered ARIA Exchange User (i.e. a User who has a valid User account on the ARIA Exchange).  While supplies last, you can sign up for a User account and purchase an Access Key even after the Start Date.  It is recommended that you sign up for ARIA’s email list and a User account as soon as possible if you want to get notice of the Start Date and any changes to the Start Date and End Date.

Rarity and Pricing of Black and Platinum Access Keys:  ARIA will initially offer and sell the following number of Access Keys:

TypeEdition CountPrice per Access Key

Prior to the Expiration Date, ARIA reserves the right to sell, and likely will develop and sell, additional editions of Access Keys at any time that have different benefits than the Black or Platinum Access Fees.  ARIA may also offer the holders of the Platinum and Black Access Keys the opportunity to extend the Expiration Date either for an additional charge or at no charge, as ARIA may determine in its sole discretion.

Resale of Access Keys; “Creator Royalty”. A person who buys an Access Key may resell that Access Key only on the ARIA Exchange.  Upon each resale of an Access Key in perpetuity, five percent (5%) of the gross sales price will be deducted from the Reseller’s proceeds and paid to ARIA as a creator royalty. Transactions involving the purchase and sale of Access Keys on the ARIA Exchange will be subject to various other charges in accordance with the Terms that will be presented to the Reseller or Buyer (as applicable) at the time of listing or purchase.

Use of Access Keys.   

ARIA does not plan to support the removal of Access Keys from the ARIA Exchange to any other NFT platform and an Access Key that has been removed from the ARIA Platform may not be used to access events and opportunities on ARIA Exchange.

While ARIA will use its reasonable best efforts to ensure that Access Keys function as intended, ARIA does not represent, warrant, promise or guarantee that the holder of an Access Key will be able to use any Access Key for any particular purpose or access any particular opportunity or event made available to Access Key holders.